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Caitlyn's Boudoir Shoot

Updated: Feb 28, 2019

I knew we were going to have a great time when Caitlyn made it in studio for a boudoir inspired photo-shoot. She instantly fit into our girl team-made up of myself and makeup artist Maddison Benoit of mrbpromua. We had a great time with this elegant, soft and pretty set. I will definitely remember our afternoon together for the laughs and good vibes from everyone! Thanks again for the awesome collaboration Caitlyn, and Maddi . I very special thank you to bj for joining the girl team and assisting. As always, you made us all laugh even if we thought we had to add you to our burn book you surprised us (haha). Yes I just referenced mean girls on the blog! lol! and no for those of you wondering we don't really have a burn book we just love watching chick flicks.

Model: Caitlyn Parker

HMUA: Maddi Benoit MRBpromua

Designers: White Bodysuit -Eclipse, White Lingerie Set-La Senza

Assistant: Bj Webber of Moments & Milestones Photography

Photographer: Brittany Goodwin of Moments & Milestones Photography

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